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Jessica Hamilton Humphrey
Rhode Island

Jessica Humphrey's works on oil landscape in the Plein Air tradition, roaming the countryside and coastline, easel in hand in search of the light, color and mood that she seeks to capture from nature and share through her canvas. Her love of the outdoors has drawn her to Plein Air workshops centered on landscape and marine painting.
Her work is influenced by the New American Luminists William R. Davis, Donald Demers and Joseph McGurl, who seek to capture "the sense of indomitable beauty of the American landscape". Like these three, she finds it exciting to determine "the right temporal moment in the production of a field study to "freeze" light, value, and events...on the painted surface".
Jessica  was born in Cohasset, Massachusetts and raised on the coast. Her education included classes at Wheaton College, where she received her BA and a year abroad in Paris studying at Les Unions des Arts Decoratifs. More recently, she has completed workshops on Painting the East Bay with Paul R. Olson, with Nancy Sargent Howell in Pont-Aven, France, with Joseph Mcgurl on Landscape and Marine Painting, and on Plein Air painting with Sergio Roffo. Jessica is an artist member of the Providence Art Club.


Jessica Humphrey

Providence Art Club  - Providence Rhode Island